About us

Acer Events OÜ has been operating since 2006 and by today we have reached a dignified customer base and a solid set of experiences.

Our field of operations is organising events and the characterising keywords are professional customer service, novel and original ideas and quality organising. Our best praise is starry-eyed regular customers who keep coming back to us with their wishes.

We have drawn the best doers of the field to us and want to offer the best service based on the client’s needs and wishes. Our project managers and the team are experienced organisers of indoor and outdoor events whose experiences and knowledge ensure the best solution for events just for you.

In addition to the experience base, we have obtained knowledge in Tallinn University specialty of recreation management, therefore our minds are fresh and so our ideas are sparky and at the same time dignified.

Acer Events OÜ

Suur-Sõjamäe 10, 11415, Tallinn
Reg.kood: 11431192
E-post: info(at)acerevents.ee
Tel: +372 532 92261 / +327 556 07230
SEB: EE361010220075196010
SWEDBANK: EE552200221051439810