Outdoor activities


Acer Events offers you various adventure activities all over Estonia. We also organise hiking trips (on foot, on bikes, on kayaks, on snowshoes, etc). Gaining in popularity are Nordic walking trips with a special instructor!

Every group is different and needs a unique solution. To be able to make the most attractive offer, we need to know the following:
1. How many people are there in the group (the gender breakdown will also be useful)?
2. What is the purpose of the adventure: to enjoy the beautiful scenery or to experience an adrenaline rush?
3. A pre-determined budget (if you have a set budget we are almost always able to offer an ideal solution within your means).

There are plenty of activities that can be enjoyed and tried in Estonia. The hard-working team of Acer Events has mapped out almost all possible adventure activities in the country. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will recommend you the best option. We know it because we have checked it ourselves!

Request a quotation! Please email us at info(at)acerevents.ee or use the quotation request form.

Some examples: