Ceremony masters and performers


Well-picked emcees and performers make an event memorable. We will find you the most fitting:

Organising events will be treated starting from how to find a good and fresh idea to use as background for the celebration. We will look at how to compile a briefing or short summary of an event, how to create a team and find the right partners, how to pick performers and suitable rooms. Getting quality sound, light and image also needs to be kept in mind; how to decorate rooms and what to keep in mind for catering. Things that ensure the event’s security must also be considered. Creating an accurate budget and approving it with clients is, of course, also needed.

We can do that!

1. How much does an event organised by you cost?
We can’t ever really offer the sum immediately here – all projects are unique by nature and the specific price will only become clear when the ideas are actually written down. In general, the biggest factors are: location, transport (for the organisers and if necessary, for the party guests), content of the programme (activities), accommodation and definitely also the actual organising fee – all based on agreement. Acer Events can compete significantly with other event marketing companies by portfolio, we can also make special events even more affordable with the most flexible conditions.

2. What to keep in mind when ordering a wedding emcee?
We probably don’t need to say that a wedding emcee is pretty important for organising a wedding, second only to the wedded couple. There are less-known doers in Estonia who are many times better with the programme than some of the well-known emcees/wedding emcees. Acer Events mediates many wedding emcees who will only come to an agreement after talking to the future wedded couple. However, when you’re ordering a wedding emcee, you should consider three points: 1) what would a perfect emcee be like (active enough; good at conducting games; well-known/not known; respectable-looking, etc.), 2) what is the company like that will be at the wedding (how many young/older people; active participants in wedding games; some companies already have enough good entertainers) and 3) the budget will definitely set its limits. To bring in some proportions of wages, the emcee and wedding emcee service start from 400 EUR. But there are exceptions!

3. My kid’s birthday is coming up and we’re looking for fun characters who would handle the kids for a few hours. How can you help?
Children’s birthdays have been one of the main activities for Acer Events over the years. We’ve had characters from Indian boys to Lotte. These days it feels like the Lotte character is one of kids’ favourites, but of course there’ve been activities for Pippi Longstocking, the Teddy Bear, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Snow White, etc. We also always help to find a suitable venue. There are many activities that can be done in an hour. Starting from smaller group games and skill competitions to games that develop certain characteristics. A child’s birthday must be made special at every opportunity!

4. I’m responsible for organising the company’s summer days, when should I start thinking about the summer event? And what about winter events?
It’s always the earlier the better, of course, but right now the entire Estonia is full of very good tourism farms and places to successfully conduct summer days, and if you’re lucky, you can also book at the last minute. In general, we recommend starting to think about summer days in February, the first thing is to book the most suitable institution, building up the programme is then the easier part. To sum up – let us know already in February, we’ll create the fun summer days that you want!
The same goes to winter events too. Even a tiny sort of client event in winter, barbequing at some pleasant place takes booking, you need to start thinking about it early enough. However, party locations are a bit more difficult in winter, there are few places with overnight staying for large companies. Within Harjumaa, noteworthy places are definitely Roosta Holiday Village, Nelijärve Holiday Centre and also Oxforell holiday centre in Kose-Uuemõisa, Kuke holiday house. You need to start with the booking of the location and performers already at the start of the year!