Seminars and conferences

We organise both international and domestic seminars and conferences. We will fulfil your wishes by finding additional speakers, arranging catering and preparation of materials, finding experienced panel hosts and offering nice entertainment.

There isn’t any definite time factor as far as the organisation of seminars and conferences is concerned. Everything depends on the scale intended (audience size, number of speakers, etc). If you are planning to hold a large scale seminar or conference (for instance, in December of January), you should be definitely mindful of the time and do all the bookings as early as possible. Over Christmas and New Year period conference centres are busy hosting various festive gatherings.

We have run team building sessions at various events and in the case of smaller groups it works pretty well. Active training which lasts for an hour or longer tunes the bain to a different wavelength and bonds the working team up.  And what about a nice and energetic aerobics workout?

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